My Story, My Purpose

It is amazing how life’s events, especially those that we find the hardest to handle, shape our lives, but in the end, help us to define and recognize our true purpose in life.

Due to three very traumatic events within a nine-year period – all of which took place before I was twenty-six years old – I found myself living in a constant state of stress and high anxiety for nearly thirty years. My anxiety actually reached a point that panic attacks were a common event in my everyday life. That may be hard to imagine. But it is true. I had the emotional scars to prove it.

Because I was driven and controlled by fear, I made many decisions, which turned out badly. This, of course, only reinforced and increased my lack of self-confidence. Finally, I reached the point that fear completely controlled my life, which was immediately followed by a deep sense of helplessness and hopelessness.

Then in 1980, a single event, and one very special person, became the catalyst for my deciding to change the direction of my life, climb out of the hell I was living in and dedicate myself to learning how to manage the fears that had controlled me for so many years. Increased self-confidence was a direct result of my diligent work. It was through this journey that I gained the knowledge and insights that completely changed my life. I share this journey in detail in my latest book “Reclaiming My Life My Journey Back to God,” available at Amazon. Click the link below.

As I share in the book, today I live in a peace that I cannot find words to describe. I still experience fear, but I’ve learned to manage it so it no longer controls me. I know now that peace only comes when we learn to stop fear from controlling our lives.

My purpose then is very simple and concise: to help as many as possible to learn the secrets of managing fear so they too can experience the beauty of a peaceful life in a world filled with chaos. For the past five years, I’ve shared these secrets with hundreds of people and all of them have achieved new levels of peace and self-confidence in their lives. As the scripture says, we should live life to the fullest. I would love to help you do that.

Nick Nicholas

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Questioning Fear

Questioning Fear

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