About Nick

Nick is a retired U.S. Army first sergeant, businessman, author, consultant and professional speaker. For 22 years as an independent consult he provided training, consulting and coaching to multiple fortune 50 and fortune 500 companies.

As a professional speaker he achieved the National Speakers Associations highest earned award, “Certified Professional Speaker,” (CSP). He was blessed to have had the great Zig Ziglar as one of his mentors. In 1997 he published his first book, “Finding the Magnetic Leader within,” followed the next year being published as a contributing author to, “Where there is Change there is Opportunity.” His latest book, “Reclaiming my Life my Journey back to God,” which was inspired by a near death experience, was published in October 2018 and is available on Amazon.

In December of 2015 Nick had an electrical malfunction in his heart and was only seconds from death. During this near-death experience Nick walked into the light an experience which changed his life forever. As result of this experience he is able to share insights regarding fear, love and how we connect with God that to the best of his knowledge have never been shared. He shares concepts and tools that have helped hundreds of his clients to recognize and understand fear and how to build high levels of self-confidence and internal security.

Nick’s wife Darlene also served in the U.S. Army for 27 years. They have been together for 40 years. They firmly believe they are soulmates and insist that they are still on their honeymoon.

The Nicholas’ reside in the Phoenix AZ area.

Nick Nicholas